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RotaChock Introduces ACE, Anti- Corrosion Enhanced RotaChock

RotaChock latest innovation is leading heavy industry into more trouble-free installations. Introducing the ACE RotaChock assists the machinery mounting stakeholders with a rugged solution for rust problems. Driven by our solutions oriented philosophy we are implementing a new material process to our RotaChock products for owners, operators and fabricators of complex machine installations. 

The RotaChock is a re-usable machinery mounting chock for rigidly mounted machines. The RotaChock eliminates soft foot and is a proven success. The RotaChock has a large adjustment range which is coupled with a significant self leveling capacity for an easy to use chock that results in a high quality installation. The company’s charter as a solutions provider understands and responds to the needs of our customers to address costs, technical needs and life cycle issues. While our stainless steel products address the technical and life cycle concerns, the cost of the core material is not appealing for all applications. For most of the land based applications, the chocking system is exposed to the weather therefore plain ferrous based materials require maintenance. 

After thorough investigation and laboratory testing, RotaChock has selected a process that diffuses the ferrite regional layer of carbon steel and alloy steel with carbon and nitrogen. The result is an enhanced rust resistance surface and improved wear attributes. Inherently the RotaChock is strong, stiff and the economical solution for the installation of machinery that requires coplanar mounting surfaces. Adding to our portfolio the ACE, Anti Corrosion Enhanced, RotaChock address the cost concerns of the marketplace for construction and maintenance. Contact RotaChock for details.



RotaChock receives Germanischer Lloyd Type Approval

We proudly announce that RotaChock is now type approved by Germanischer Lloyd!

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RotaChock introduces a new family member: the RotaChock Block Type 

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