We have been highlighting the need for correct alignment in the sector over our entire history of more than 35 years in alignment services.
of all rotating equipment in the field runs outside their recommended alignment tolerances.
of all rotating equipment failures are caused directly by Soft-Foot.

As no one else does, we understand just how hard it can be to achieve an optimal alignment for your rotating equipment. Over the years, we constantly found our customers struggling to keep their alignment within acceptable tolerances. This results in a range of well-known mechanical and quality problems:

These problems with rotating equipment place an enormous cost burden on industries worldwide. When individual critical equipment fails, the entire operation malfunctions and brings production to a full stop. We have found innumerable installations struggling with the problems described above during these long years of experience in alignment services. Making corrections to the shaft alignment makes sense. The question that might appear is why to correct and solve an alignment problem when you can prevent it from happening in the first place and improve the output of your machine?

Our experience is that 70% of all rotating equipment failures are caused directly by a Soft-Foot problem. Realignment of 
the equipment without solving the Soft-Foot is a temporary solution because the installation will run out of its alignment tolerances again.

Your options for permanent and lasting solutions are limited, even if trained mechanics know how to address temporary misalignment problems. But you need an engineering approach to improve the installation and prevent Soft-Foot. You need to address the root problem. You need to address the Soft-Foot problem.

Because: why would you start off on the wrong foot?