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What is a chock?
A chock is the interface between the foundation and machine foot. All equipment is required by the manufacturer to be affixed to a structural base. There are several options for chocks in the sector, like the steel-fitted blocks, shims, and epoxy resins.

Steel-Fitted Blocks

The use of steel-fitted blocks is a time-consuming and specialist job. The procedure of measuring, correcting, trial-fitting, and machining needs to be repeated until the steel-fitted block provides a sufficient contact area with the machine foot. Machining these blocks is a considerable cost, even when done in-house. 

an experienced and patient miller is needed

the trial and error procedure can be endless   

the cost of milling machinery is considerable

relatively easy for parallel Soft-Foot, hard to remedy an angular Soft-Foot


When cutting shims from stock, the sharp burrs may be a safety issue and create errors in stacking up the shims. Pre-cut shims save time, but a stack of them will still hammer in overtime. The angular Soft-Foot will still be there, causing an insufficient support area.

someone with little experience can do the job  

fast when pre-cut

cheap in the short term, but stacking is expensive in the long term

almost impossible to remedy angular Soft-Foot

Epoxy Resins

This solution consists of two-component resin and provides a permanent solution. The procedure of preparing, pouring, and waiting for the curing is a time-consuming process. Whenever the equipment needs to be realigned, the epoxy has to be carved out. Certified personnel must do the material pouring, where there is no room for trial and error.

certified personnel required

time-consuming installation and curing time

material and cost of certified labour

significant risk for installation mishaps

These methods have two primary goals: to create a flat mounting surface for the equipment and to transfer the reactive force from the machine feet to the foundation. Unfortunately, with the above chock methods, a high risk of a Soft-Foot remains. Our years of experience in alignment services taught us that down the line; all applications need realignment at some point. A lot can happen during transport, installation, or the application lifetime. In these situations, time is of the essence, money is at stake, and the equipment needs to be up and running again as soon as possible. 

You need an adjustable solution.