Development of Rotachock®
All known techniques have two basic goals: creating a flat mounting surface and transferring forces from the machine feet to the foundation. However, our third goal was to design a solution to prevent Soft-Foot, which can still be adjusted later. That’s why we have blended technologies to evolve mechanical chocking, and we proudly present a technically superior gap filler to end Soft-Foot:
RotaChock® BasicLine

RotaChock® BasicLine is a stiff, adjustable and self-leveling mounting chock for all types of rotating and/or critically aligned machinery equipment.

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RotaChock® SlimLine

In cases where the RotaChock® BasicLine won’t fit the available GAP-height, get the RotaChock® SlimLine starting from 20 mm.

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RotaChock® Mounting Plate

The RotaChock® Mounting Plate offers an adjustable alternative to epoxy resin or tailor made steel chocks for the installation of resilient mounts.

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The RotaChock® is an adjustable, self-leveling, and reusable chock for mounting rotating equipment. The RotaChock® is a blend of engineering and years of field experience that has resulted in a robust, stiff, and elegant gap-filler to end machinery Soft-Foot. RotaChock® achieves the primary chock goals, plus our additional adjustability feature, which is unmatched in the industry.

RotaChock® Consists of 3 Parts:

Top ring with a convex surface, resting in the concave middle ring.

Middle ring with a male thread and a concave cavity on top.

Bottom ring with a female thread

The threaded part enables adjustability of the chock which solves parallel Soft-Foot.

The spherical top accommodates for angular differences up to 4° and solves angular Soft-Foot.

How does it work?

The functioning of RotaChock® is relatively easy: a foundation bolt runs through the center hole of the RotaChock®, clamping the machine foot, the RotaChock®, and the top plate of the foundation together securely. When your equipment's realignment is required, just loosen the foundation bolts and adjust the RotaChock® to meet your target alignment. This adjustability feature is unmatched in the industry. The use of RotaChock® creates the following benefits compared to other chocking solutions:

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  • RotaChock® is installed quickly. A machine set up on a RotaChock® can generally be realigned and secured an hour. When using epoxy resins, it takes at least three days for the machinery to function again due to the resin's relatively long curing time of 36-48 hours. When using steel-fitted blocks, measuring the gap, milling the steel chock, and the welding process will take several days.

  • RotaChock® main benefit is serviceability, thanks to the adjustability feature. Corrections and adjustments in realignment are always directly possible. When using epoxy resins or steel-fitted blocks, you need to cut out the epoxy resin or remove the steel block and redo the entire lengthy and costly process.

  • RotaChock® has a spherical top part that ensures the best possible contact surface, even if the foundation and the machine foot are not parallel. The RotaChock® is also height-adjustable. The combination of these two features prevents Soft-Foot.

  • RotaChock® is user-friendly; no special skills are required for installation. Unlike epoxy resins, no certified people are needed for the installation job to retain a warranty. For the local procedure of measuring, correcting, blue-fitting, and machining steel-fitted blocks, experienced and patient millers are required.

  • RotaChock® is eco-friendly; epoxy resins contain mixed and aggressive chemical components which are dangerous for the users. RotaChock® is also adjustable thus reusable.

  • RotaChock® behaves like a solid steel chock, and RotaChock® allows the foundation bolt to be tensioned to any required torque. In contrast, epoxy resins have a maximum load of 5 N/mm2. This relatively low torque often results in almost loose foundation bolts.

  • RotaChock® is a standard designed solution with a corresponding adjustability range. No need for extensive engineering work or Mona Lisa projects. You can gill the gap with one solution. In comparisson: steel-fitted blocks need to be measured separately and machined for each gap height.

  • RotaChock® requires no heating; heat could influence the alignment target negatively. Epoxy resins need to be heated to cure, and steel-fitted blocks need to be welded to the foundation.

  • RotaChock® competitive edge is its large footprint: the surface area of the bottom ring in contact with the foundation is larger, so the pressure exerted on that surface is lower. RotaChock® also uses a buttress thread design. These features allow RotaChock® to carry greater loads.

Primarily, we consider RotaChock® to be the best lifecycle solution for rotating equipment for the following reasons:

  • RotaChock® eliminates Soft-Foot
  • RotaChock® is adjustable, making alignment and realignment possible whenever needed
  • RotaChock® saves time and money compared with other chocking options

There are millions of pieces of adjustable chocks installed and serving industries from marine to nuclear in prestige projects. Check out our portfolio and make the progressive decision to fill the gap with RotaChock®.