RotaChock® is being used in a broad range of industries.







Oil & gas


Power generation

Public utilities

Pul & Paper


Solar energy

Water / wastewater

Wind energy

Preferred chocking solution

RotaChock® is the preferred chocking solution for industry titans like: A.P. Møller – Mærsk, BP, Carnival Cruise Line, COSCO, DEME, ExxonMobil, Hapag-Lloyd, Jan de Nul, Microsoft, MSC, Ørsted, Petrobras, Royal Boskalis, Royal Caribbean International, Royal Dutch Shell, Saudi Aramco, Siemens Gamesa, Total, Van Oord & Vestas. 


Packagers are builders of installations where a driver and driven component are installed on a frame skid. It can be a combination of the applications as shown before. Examples are an electric motor combined with a pump, serving as a pump set across industries ranging from public utilities to mining. Or a combustion engine/generator combination, providing emergency power to a hospital.

World-leading OEMs like Caterpillar, GE, Wärtsilä, and Rolls Royce have standardized the use of adjustable chocks in their skid design. These installations require realignment on multiple occasions during their life cycle. Thanks to RotaChock®, these skids can be easily adjusted upon arrival at their final destination and during their entire service life.


In marine applications, RotaChock® is the perfect mounting solution for propulsion installations. When realignment is necessary, the possibility to readjust the chock creates significant time saving for shipowners. RotaChock® significantly shortens their maintenance breaks and improves service life. But also, shipyards prefer RotaChock® when building new vessels. It allows for final alignment after the launch when the ship is already afloat.