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Spherical Spacer

RotaChock® Spherical Spacer

The purpose of chocking is to create a perfect coplanar mounting surface for the machine. RotaChock® fills the gap between the machine foot and its foundation and solves parallel and angular misalignment. 

But this doesn't mean that a hardware misalignment can't still occur. Whether using RotaChock®, epoxy resins, or steel-fitted blocks, inadequate bolt stretch through hardware misalignment means a loose foundation bolt. 

The Spherical Spacers accomplish two functions: creating hardware planes and bolt elongation. This solution comprises two parts with a smooth concave and convex curvature, resulting in an angular offset angle of 4°, which creates the hardware plane. The standard heights elongate the bolt and create extra clamping length. 

The standard Spherical Spacers are manufactured from 42CrMo4 (DIN1.7225) and are Anti-Corrosion Enhanced for cost-effective corrosion protection.

Please check the RotaChock® Information Book for further details.