Installation instructions
RotaChock® is user-friendly, so installation is quick and easy, and there are no special skills or tools required. Below you can find the installation video for each RotaChock® type and the written installation instructions. 

Please refer to the RotaChock® Information Book for detailed installation instructions. 

Installation video

RotaChock® BasicLine

RotaChock® BasicLine is a stiff, adjustable and self-leveling mounting chock for all types of rotating and/or critically aligned machinery equipment.

Installation video

RotaChock® SlimLine

In cases where the RotaChock® BasicLine won’t fit the available GAP-height, get the RotaChock® SlimLine starting from 20 mm. 

Installation video

RotaChock® Mounting Plate

The RotaChock® Mounting Plate offers an adjustable alternative to epoxy resin or tailor made steel chocks for the installation of resilient mounts.

Installation video

RotaChock® Mounting Plate for Vulkan T-Series

These installation manuals and movies can only be used for installing RotaChock® Mounting Plates in combination with the VULKAN T-series.