The RotaChock® is an adjustable, self-leveling, and reusable chock for mounting rotating equipment. The RotaChock® is a blend of engineering and years of field experience that has resulted in a robust, stiff, and elegant gap-filler to end machinery Soft-Foot. 

Fast and Accurate Alignment
Adjustable When Needed
Save Time and Money


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RotaChock® BasicLine

RotaChock® BasicLine is a stiff, adjustable and self-leveling mounting chock for all types of rotating and/or critically aligned machinery equipment.

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RotaChock® SlimLine

In cases where the RotaChock® BasicLine won’t fit the available GAP-height, get the RotaChock® SlimLine starting from 20 mm.

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RotaChock® Mounting Plate

The RotaChock® Mounting Plate offers an adjustable alternative to epoxy resin or tailor made steel chocks for the installation of resilient mounts.

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What is Soft-Foot?

  • 90% of all rotating equipment in the field runs outside their recommended alignment tolerances.

  • 70% of all rotating equipment failures are caused directly by Soft-Foot.

  • Why would you start off on the wrong foot?

How to fill the GAP?

All equipment is required by the manufacturer to be affixed to a structural base. There are several options for chocks in the sector, like the steel-fitted blocks, shims, and epoxy resins. Why is it important to have a adjustable solution? 


RotaChock® is being used for mounting all types of rotating and critically aligned equipment.  

RotaChock® mounted applications are seen in a broad range of industries and serving in prestiges projects. Check out our portfolio for the full potential of RotaChock® . 

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